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Reneghernandez1977 1 day ago

Mai Tai

I have been wanting to come to this place forever! It's so cute and quaint I love it. And this drink did not disappoint! Holy moly. It was sooo good. And I love the garnishes. The extra touch is so special. I am definitely coming back.

Lkvachon 7 days ago

Kraken Tiki Salmon Roll

I was visiting from Dallas and like any good tiki fan, I sought out VenTiki. I'm not sure where to start because there were so many things they did well but I'll go for Magnum Monday's. On Mondays there is a tribute to Magnum PI and if you wear a mustache, which they so kindly provide, you get a discount on certain drinks and of course you can watch old episodes of the show. This is a very fun thing to do as well as a good icebreaker to talk/laugh about with others. I even kept my mustache and shared it at at Tiki Ti in LA a few days later! I loved the inside of the bar. Very cozy like a good tiki bar should be. The food was really yummy! First off, I've been to a lot of tiki bars and there is never any food! Why, I don't know as it's a missed opportunity. I had a Kraken Tiki Salmon Roll and the Spicy Tuna Roll. Both were amazing! The food was so good and had such a beautiful presentation, I wish I could have tried everything on the menu! I wanted the VenTiki mug so I bought the top shelf Mai Tai and got to keep the mug. Yay! One more heavy thing to pack:) I had to pace myself since I was driving but I also had a Chi Chi. Thank you for having it in the menu and making it properly:) They have a little store next door. Don't be bummed out if it says it's closed. All you need to do is go into the bar and ask them to let you in so you can shop. I bought a very cool dress. The store is great and has a lot of things made by local artisans such as totems, artwork, mugs, glassware and jewelry. I loved the patio too although I think you need to get there pretty early to stake out your table for the night. Yes, it is busy but I think that's a good thing. Yay, for VenTiki for doing it right! I will spread the word and definitely go back!

Kristendore 11 days ago

Chicken Protein Bowl

Really really tasty!

Adarrett 18 days ago

Tongaroa Shrimp

The Tongaroa Shrimp is by far the best in my eyes! You really cannot go wrong with any dish at ventiki.

Bsaa13 19 days ago

VenTiki Mai Tai

Been to many tiki bars and usually can tell if they're on the up-and-up by how good their Mai Tai is - and Ventiki's is absolutely great! The drinks are delicious, the food is on point, and the atmosphere is spectacular. Looking forward to bringing friends here soon!

Saraspring 20 days ago

Alter of Sacrifice

This was the second drink I tried at Ventiki and has remained a favorite. Oh, how this drink is too much fun in every way! Not only is it on FIRE but it's refreshing and delicious. It's a drink that makes you feel adventurous and daring - and then after a few sips, relaxed.

Shericecere 21 days ago

Pineapple Express Albacore Roll

How do describe perfection? Always on point with the best quality sushi, and the presentation sends it over the top. This is a absolute must when visiting this awesome tiki oasis.

Chriswhite292 24 days ago

Mai Tai

Love this little local tiki oasis! We have visited many tiki bars and this by far is our favorite. From the fire pit on chilly days to the patio to grab sum sunshine, their Mai Tai is always top notch. Not sugary sweet and just the right flavor, it is our favorite.

Robbinsalexis 24 days ago

Pele Roll

Absolutely my favorite dish on the menu. The scallops are delicious and a perfect combination with a variety of the cocktails on the menu.

Robbinsalexis 24 days ago

Lapu Lapu

The best Lapu Lapu around!

Daringdurk 24 days ago


I'm not a spam fan at all, but Spamageddon is the perfect way to have it. Spamageddon is the perfect blend of sweet from the Hawaiian bread, salt from the Spam and tangy spice from the sauce.

Bsaa13 3 days ago

Jet Pilot

BEST. DRINK. Bartender recommended it and it was out of this world! The cinnamon is brilliant. Coming back here for another one soon :)

Nina Lemos 7 days ago

Blue Hawaii

Could really taste the ingredients of this drink and was a beauty just to stare at. Would definitely have this drink again and try others just based on looks.

Rgriffin 17 days ago

Rusty Harpoon

Rusty Harpoon is the best drink ever!! Really enjoyed this resturaunt / bar. Food was excellent, drinks fun and strong. Went with co workers the first time but will be the new date night hang out for the wife and I. .

Kaitlin.Dmaxwell94 18 days ago


I love ventiki! The handmade tiki cocktails, the delicious food, and cool ambiance really have me coming back again and again. I have yet to try a cocktail that I didn't like (and I'm working on my "tiki passport"-a checklist of all their drinks with a prize at the end!). Their fruity drinks like the Chi Chi or the ICC of '73 really satisfy my sweet tooth without being overbearingly sweet. I'm not a big seafood person, and their menu definitely has some options for me, my favorite being the spamageddon sliders. SO GOOD. The decor is also fun, and I love sitting out by the fire on the lanai. The people who work at ventiki are friendly and hardworking, and really take care of you. The only bummer, which is probably just a testament to how great this place is, is that it is hard to get a seat on a Friday or Saturday night. They are a POPULAR spot, but the place is small so quarters are sometimes tight. Get there early!

Saraspring 20 days ago

Jet Pilot

This was the first drink I ever had at Ventiki and I quickly discovered the fun in ordering it. Needless to say, I've never lost that loving feeling and neither has my Goose, or is my man Maverick and I'm Goose? Anyway, come in and order it to see what the fun is all about because it wouldn't be fair to spoil it on here.

Chris74miller 21 days ago


Second time visitor, long time fan of a good "Zombie." Grateful I don't have to explain this drink to a bartender. Love the freshness and flavor of this one at Ventiki. The bartender's craft is fun to watch. Glad I had a seat at the bar. A word of advice for the customer: Order off the menu. Find a drink on the menu, and order. Stick to the menu. Don't insult the bartender with your idea of a better drink.

Getrealdesigns 23 days ago

Citrus Salmon King Bun

This dish is my favorite companion to the excellent Ventiki Mai Tai. It's a great combination of tangy sauce on the perfectly cooked salmon, with the slight sweetness of the King bun. And the potato chips on the side: yum! They always cook the salmon exactly the way I request (medium). Love!!!

Joelcbennett 24 days ago

Cali-Fresh Roll

My wife is not a sushi fan, and even she liked the Cali-Fresh roll. Nice addition of fruit to a classic.

Bobwerne 24 days ago

Mai Tai

I really don't think I could write a review of something that is already perfect!!

Kimberly 24 days ago

Spam Musubi

I LOVE Ventiki! It is our weekly go to when we need to relax. Everything is good on their menu but my personal fav is the spam musubi. A thick cut of fried spam on a bed of white sticky rice drizzled with a sweet sauce and a dab of spicy is the best finger food paired with my fav drink the ICC of '73!

Todd about 1 month ago

Salmon Poke Bowl

Super fresh fish and satiating.